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May 13, 2007

Touch Of Class

Posted in: Design

Class is one of the top UK magazines aimed at the on-trade - from stylish bars, to gastro pubs, to the top hotels. They also sponsor the Class Wine Packaging Design of the Year awards.

“Distinctly Individual” was the key trend among winners of this year’s Packaging Design awards. This year the glass is thicker, labels are more subtle and the premium brands have realised that they must invest in distinctly individual and sophisticated designs if their products are to command attention on the back bar.

Class magazine awarded Stormhoek’s Siren brand Wine Packaging Design of the Year 2007. Here’s the story as told by Orbital Wines PR manager, Catherine Monahan: 

“We decided that we wanted to do something special with Stormhoek for the Independent Sector and On Trade sector. Two wines were chosen – both Estate wines.  A Sauvignon Blanc – grapes from our next door neighbour’s farm and a Pinotage – produced from a small vineyard on the Stormhoek “Hidden Valley” Estate.”

“Having built up a  very animated online community we thought it was appropriate to ask for their views and ideas as to how Siren should look.”

“Within 3 weeks we had over 250 ideas and suggestions from all around the world.  Although some were abstract, there was a common thread across most suggestions and so this allowed us to create a clear design brief for our design consultants.  One of the views reiterated time and time again, was that the wines needed to look really beautiful, elegant and stylish and that got us thinking about a link between the wine and fashion industry. Why shouldn’t wine be a thing of beauty and so Stormhoek Siren range was created with these thoughts in mind.”

The wines are now listed in some of the coolest bars and restaurants in London such as Bibendum, Pont de la Tour, Quintessentially Wines (owned by acclaimed wine journalist Matthew Jukes and Chris Orr), The Tate and more.

In this modern age, great quality wine is no longer the main point of difference. Everybody has modern vineyard practises and wine cellar techniques ensure that most people have great tasting wine, so Stormhoek wanted to add something different, and consumers seem to agree.

By Mike Carter.

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