The top of the pops produced for Small Gully, by wine maker Stephen Black. This limited edition wine represents the best of the Small Gully range and a wine personally developed by the mysterious Mr. Black. The concept was to produce a simple hand written, almost home made package, as if the wine maker had scratched the details of the wine into the bottle himself.

A beautiful imported glass bottle was chosen that Mash then had laser etched. The words actually cut into the surface of the glass giving a great tactile and very raw feel. Something that screen printing could not achieve. The result was a cross between contemporary luxury and personalised roughness.

Design by Mash Design.


2 Responses to “Black Magic Wines”

  1. JJ on February 14th, 2009 3:58

    That’s one of the nicer Small Gully bottles I’ve seen but the “stangest” label has to go to Mr. Black’s Concoction with the man’s skull/brain. Still not sure what that signifies but the taste is rich and sweet with what seems a hint of black pepper at the end. I will have to check out Black Magic.

  2. Marie L. Calderón Sund on February 15th, 2009 21:50

    It is a original way to present a wine. I would for sure buy it just by curiousity.

    Congratulations to the winery who dared to do something different on the winemarket.

    Marie Calderón Sund

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