Whether participating in virtual winemaking offered by places like Crushpad, owning a share in a winery, or even doing it yourself in a spare room with a Winepod or participating through experiences like Sonoma Grape Camp, the interactive experience in wine is incredibly hot right now. Wine isn’t just what you drink with dinner, it’s a whole lifestyle.

That’s why its the perfect time for a luxury club like Destination Cellars, which I first mentioned back in March. The club, based in Virginia offers members tailored experiences at over 65 winery properties around the world.

The experiences offer the kind of custom adventures you can’t get just by showing up at the winery. Private tours, lunches and dinners, wine and food pairings and special overnight stays are all part of the fun. You can also arrange special romantic wine-themed events for important moments like proposals or anniversaries. And for those who want the hands-on experience you can arrange for a custom blending session and create your own wine to take home.

By Deidre Woollard


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