Gary V.'s got nothing on Jeannie C.


The wine and Asian food pairings Jeannie Cho Lee dreams up are about as diverse as her background: Master of Wine from the Institute of Masters of Wine in London and a Master of Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Born in Seoul, raised in the U.S., and now residing in Hong Kong where she's raising four children, Lee is the first Asian Master of Wine, and at the heart of the explosion of the Asian wine market. (Christie’s recently announced that the prominent Korean business house, SK Networks, will be auctioning off over 100 cases of premiere wines in Hong Kong next month.) Her work is, in many ways, an exercise in targeted messaging — that is, how to present her fusion sense of wine culture to an Asian audience that has its own customs and rituals and yet is less familiar with what she was exposed to growing up in the West.

It’s entrepreneurs like her that gnaw at your brain when you're questioning whether to pursue your ultimate dream or not. I mean, really, switching from public policy to fancy food and wine? We’ve all been at that point, the crossroads between practicality and creativity, and thanks to Lee we’ve got one more success model to look up to. And oh yeah, we get to enjoy her awesome recipe, wine, and restaurant suggestions as well. (Take a look at her blog for more on that). Without further ado, presents to you Master Lee and the inside scoop on how she carved out a niche market for herself in crowded Hong Kong.

Source :: Fast Company


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