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May 07, 2012

Martian Ranch & Vineyard Branding

Posted in: Wine Label Design, Wine Labels

Martian Detail 2

Martian Ranch & Vineyard is a young, biodynamically-farmed vineyard on famed Alisos Canyon Road in the Santa Ynez Valley. Proprietor Nan Helgeland named the winery after her two sons, Martin and Ian. The name quickly gave a connotation of the obvious, the extraterrestrial.

Martian approached Geyrhalter with nothing but a great name, backed by an exceptional vineyard and wine maker, in the spring of 2009 and was quick to choose them as the agency responsible to handle the brand launch as it was about to dive into an over saturated, and highly critical market place in the midst of a recession in California.

After the first meeting it was determined by the client that there was a need for a 'Martian' to appear as part of the brand as well as having ochre as a color of choice on the wish list. So Geyrhalter & Co set out to define who and what Martian is.

Martian Detail 1


"Our solution to have the Bacchus-esque Martian be the insider's secret came after more blunt variations on the theme," said Fabian Geyrhalter, principal and creative director of Geyrhalter & Company. "The more time you spend with the brand, the more opportunities you have to uncover the element of surprise. Martians are rarely seen after all, and might diminish the value of their suite of varietals that range from a Rose Grenache to a classic SoCal Pinot Noir."


"Our concept to keep the Martian hidden in plain sight, yet to keep the brand sophisticated (but not sober) works to tell the story of a winery that consistently turns out beautiful bottles of wine yet knows how to have a good time. After all, that's what wine is all about," Geyrhalter added.

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