Monocle magazine’s latest issue has a piece on how to improve your country for investors, tourists etc.
Below is an extract from the piece.
“You’ve mastered the basics (a respectable ranking on various transparency indexes, good human rights record, healthy citizens, decent inward investment), but you’re still of a bit of a nowhere nation according to […]

Hop on a bike and enjoy the superb country side of the Marlborough wine region.  Marlborough is New Zealand’s most important wine area and is world famous for its Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.
Wine Tours by Bike are located in Blenheim in the heart of the Marlborough wine region and over 30 wineries can be […]

Randall Grahm officially calls himself “President for Life” of Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz, Calif. But a more apt title would be “Supreme Seeker/Philosopher/Gadfly/Court Jester.”
Over the course of a quarter-century, he has become famous partly for making excellent and popular wine but mostly for puncturing wine-world pretentiousness and embracing offbeat causes that invariably wind […]

Calling all wine related start-ups!  Wine 2.0 and have partnered to launch the first Wine 2.0 Business Plan Competition for the hottest wine or wine-related company.
Any person with an idea or established company in the wine industry can enter regardless of what stage the company is in.  Just upload your pitch on […]

Cordier is currently testing a new wine concept in Belgium.
It’s wine that borrows something from the juice category; small Tetra-Pak box packaging and the all important extra, the straw.
Apparently, the test is going rather well.

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Eco savvy and convenience-led consumers are pulling up their noses at wine snobs and opting for an easy to carry, go anywhere, drink anytime new wine tradition born in the wake of glass shortage and eco sensitive packaging.
Versus, one of SA’s most consumed wine brands, which is a growing favourite in  Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, […]


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Why oops? Read the story (after the jump.)
“New York- and London-based design consultancy Pearlfisher has created the label design for new wine brand “(oops).” The name and market positioning of (oops) is derived from a true story based on the history of the Carmenere grape and Pearlfisher was tasked with making the label design […]

Wine is not known to be Moscow’s favorite drink. As any glance at the city’s bars, menus and shops reveals, there is a vast range of booze on offer, but spirits and beer rule.
However, the situation has vastly improved from Soviet times, when wine was something close to a rarity. Upscale supermarkets now boast bottles […]

There are numerous wines that have animals on their labels, from the high selling Australian Yellow Tail to the South African Goats Do Roam wines. Why is that so? Because it does seem that animals on the labels sell wine. Studies have been done showing the selling power of these animals.
The Cork Jester has an […]

Whole Foods is launching a new organic wine called Green Path.  Green Path wine will be sold exclusively at Whole Foods stores nationwide starting this month. 
The Australian Chardonnay and Shiraz are organic wines made by Organic One Wines, one of Australia’s oldest and largest vineyards.  The wines come from the Billabong Vineyard in […]

For ten days in September, over 500,000 visitors are expected to descend on the Niagara wine region for one of the most popular events of the year—the Niagara Wine Festival. Held annually since 1952, the famous fete includes wine tasting, Niagara-on-the-Lake winery tours, regional cuisine and culinary events, artisan shows, wine seminars, and plenty […]

Crazy for corks?Here are some quirky-cool ideas on how to recycle your towering collection of wine and champagne corks……

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Costco is the largest wine retailer in the United States and I think it is worth thinking about the Costco model and what it has to say about the globalization of wine.
Costco’s approach to selling wine is different from most other U.S. retailers, such as supermarket chains. Most supermarkets offer a surprisingly large selection […]

SVB Financial Group have released their annual State of the US Wine Industry Report. An interesting read if you’re currently exporting or considering exporting to the US.
Download/View the report here>>
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Founded in 2005, The Loose Goose is a wine education and marketing company headquartered in Santa Clarita, California. The company draws upon Belgium-born founder Peter Goossens’ passion and extensive knowledge of wine and culinary industries.
The third edition of the Loose Goose Wine Festival will take place October 4-7, 2007 in the charming Santa Clarita […]

The French may be losing share in the global market, but they are beginning to fight back. A good example is the new drive by French Vins de Pays in the United Kingdom, which is California’s biggest export market. Vins de Pays producers are finding good reception in UK supermarkets, at a price Brits like […]

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