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Great brands start with a great name. Great brand names can be very powerful as they can differentiate your product from the competition and make an emotional connection with your customer. Great brand names are also distinctive and meaningful.

But what are the alternatives if the name that you’ve set your heart on is not available?

This was the challenge for brand owners Groupe LFE who couldn’t use their first choice for the branding of ” Four Seasons”, a wine concept that features seasons.

Inkathi which is the Zulu word meaning season, was selected as the brand name for the range that was born out of the look of upmarket food packaging from the ’50s when old-fashioned values were paramount and the packaging needed to reflect quality, class, freshness and clarity. Thus labeling tended to be illustrative in a warm, approachable way, whether it was jam or canned peaches - a theme that was maintained with Inkathi.

The labels were designed by Patrick Humphreys of Brimstone Design.

By Mike Carter.


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