Wine DJ App Combines Wine & Music

There are quite a few wine apps out there for choosing a bottle but the Liberty School WINE DJ app is a unique program combining music and wine. The application builds a playlist of “Music to Match Your Spirits” based on mood, setting and which Liberty School wine is being consumed. The app is available for download free via Apple’s app store and on Apple’s iTunes.

After launching the app, users are prompted to choose a Liberty School wine (cabernet, chardonnay, etc.) and are shown a series of sliders to adjust variables that correspond with their situation to help determine the mood for the music. With music sourced from, the potential for unique playlists are extensive. The app comes with information on Liberty School wines including tasting notes and a map feature that shows the nearest retailers who carry the wine.

The WINE DJ Liberty School iPhone app is compatible with several wines within the Hope Family Wines portfolio including Liberty School, Candor, and Treana. I tested this out a few weeks ago and it’s pretty fun. The best part is that if you don’t like what is playing you can always fiddle with the sliders and get more music.

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