120km from Cape Town, in the heart of the largest wine producing region is South Africa, lays the small town of Worcester. With a population of 78,000 what they lack in numbers, they make up for in community spirit.

Worcester is the centre for the hearing and sight impaired in South Africa with several world-renown schools and institutes providing life skills training and crucial support systems.

From the world’s first Braille wine bottle to the Pioneer Printing Press, a world leader in Braille printing technology, their vision is to provide equal access to product information for all consumers, including the blind and partially sighted.

Solely for use by certified wines from the area, the classic claret-shaped bottle, in both white and red wine versions, will have, moulded into the glass in Braille script, the words ‘100% Worcester, South Africa’. Although foreign wineries like Chapoutier and local ones like Bon Cap have used Braille on their labels, this may well be the first wine bottle with such script engraved.

Consol Glass has contributed to the project by producing the bottle mould at no extra cost.

As a bonus, a percentage of the income from the sale of the wines which have been filled in the new Braille bottle will go directly to the Institute for the Blind.

By Mike Carter.


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