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Source :: Packaging of the World | Design :: Jordan Jelev


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alla flaskor

Xavier Vignon is a world-class consultant oenologist who works for many of the leading estates of the southern Rhône. He is known for creating wines of a truly unique character. But somehow that distinctive styling didn’t come across on the labels. Neumeister was contacted…

It is that unique character of every bottle that really caught our interest. If the wine has such a personal expression, let us also show that on every “cuvee”. We made the bottles really exceptional, one of a kind, using defining features: without ever losing that high quality wine ambiance.

Source :: Packaging of the World.

Wines of the World

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This is a range of wines that the Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize offers within its own "365" brand, which includes basic, everyday products at an affordable price.

We set as a starting point, communication in the spirit of the "365" brand: simplicity and ‘why not?’ humor, irony, ensuring that the whole range had a visual unity. In addition, we had to ensure that the entire line had a visual unity. This was also a requirement of the brief.

It seemed interesting to us to communicate the simplicity of the product, since there were also other ranges of own-brand wines at a higher price. And we sought a motif or an element capable of communicating effectively. And so we hit upon the cap.

The wine cork is a sign of humility, an object of little value, often used for handicrafts, as simple, base and easily manipulated raw material with which to play, create and to serve the most unexpected uses. The use of cork as the main motif for the label gives the air of being crafted and of fun. All from something simple, typical of an everyday product. The cork is also the element which unifies and personalizes the entire line.

The design of each label refers to the country of origin. In the case of France the different types of wine are identified by a style of French hat: the boater, Napoleon's hat, haute cuisine chef's hat or the kepi of a French gendarme …

And so with the same language, other sources are resolved: the Native American and the cowboy for the California wines, the elephant for the South African, a footballer for Argentine wine or the Easter Island moai for that of Chile.

The humility of a product and its low cost need not be at odds with humor, with the intent and with an intelligent public.

* DELHAIZE is a Belgium distribution chain with more than 800 supermarkets in nationally and over 1500 on the east coast of the USA.







Source : Packaging of the World | Design :: Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Martian Detail 2

Martian Ranch & Vineyard is a young, biodynamically-farmed vineyard on famed Alisos Canyon Road in the Santa Ynez Valley. Proprietor Nan Helgeland named the winery after her two sons, Martin and Ian. The name quickly gave a connotation of the obvious, the extraterrestrial.

Martian approached Geyrhalter with nothing but a great name, backed by an exceptional vineyard and wine maker, in the spring of 2009 and was quick to choose them as the agency responsible to handle the brand launch as it was about to dive into an over saturated, and highly critical market place in the midst of a recession in California.

After the first meeting it was determined by the client that there was a need for a 'Martian' to appear as part of the brand as well as having ochre as a color of choice on the wish list. So Geyrhalter & Co set out to define who and what Martian is.

Martian Detail 1


"Our solution to have the Bacchus-esque Martian be the insider's secret came after more blunt variations on the theme," said Fabian Geyrhalter, principal and creative director of Geyrhalter & Company. "The more time you spend with the brand, the more opportunities you have to uncover the element of surprise. Martians are rarely seen after all, and might diminish the value of their suite of varietals that range from a Rose Grenache to a classic SoCal Pinot Noir."


"Our concept to keep the Martian hidden in plain sight, yet to keep the brand sophisticated (but not sober) works to tell the story of a winery that consistently turns out beautiful bottles of wine yet knows how to have a good time. After all, that's what wine is all about," Geyrhalter added.


Wine label for Quinta da Bichinha, a wine producer from Lisbon region, and this is Prima Casta Red wine for China Market. It is an elegant and distinct label and that's why we decided to use the black color and the foiled gold. The text below the brand's name is printed with a soft gray, overprinted with high screen built to reinforce the elegance of he label.


Another wine label for a Portuguese wine producer from the Lisbon region, inspired by Barcelo's cock (a traditional legend). This label was developed for Quinta da Bichinha, for the chinese market and is printed using black, foiled gold and high screen built on the brand's name.

100 hectares reserva

100 Hectares is a Douro valley wine producer, from Portugal, and this label all in black an heavy gray, uses a soft paper and high screen built on the brand's name and squares above.

The brand and the squares above are inspired in the property's dimension, measured in Hectares and there are 100 squares on the top of the label. This is the 3rd label release, after the white and red wine.

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