Wine For A Greener World

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Tetrapak wines are not the newest thing but I think the typical consumer would assume the wine is cheaply made and would lack the taste of a finer wine. Yellow+Blue begs to differ. Moving towards a greener packaging product (get it — yellow+blue makes green!) and getting away from heavier shipments which use more gasoline, Yellow+Blue has decided to choose light tetrapak over heavy glass bottles for their new Malbec.

The tetrapak is the same kind of material which typically stores juice in boxes for kids — I guess this means adults have “juice” boxes of their own now! The Argentinian Malbec is set to sell for about $11 per one liter pak which would have cost $20 per bottle. Drinks on the go, good for the earth and less expensive to boot! I’m in for a taste.

By Laura Malesich.

Are You A Master Of Type?

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The phrase ” I love typography” has been thrown around a lot lately, and with good reason. Unlike those halcyon days of yore when people had to use stuff like paper, ink, metal and what not to produce type, everyone can now proclaim themselves as typographers. But let me ask you this: how well do they actually know their typefaces or fonts?

Enter The Rather Difficult Font Game!

Magnums of 1921 Bordeaux from France’s legendary Chateau Petrus have sold for up to $75,000 at auction. The problem: Even Che2teau Petrus isn’t sure whether it was bottling magnums in ‘21.

This is just one of many examples of fake wine being sold for big bucks. And as the price and popularity of less-rare vintages go up, counterfeiters are starting to knock off those as well; last August, Italian winery Braida, whose younger vintages sell for around $20 a bottle, reportedly fell prey to a scam in which cheap Italian table wine was labeled and sold in Germany as Braida’s premium Barbera.

Now some vintners are turning to tech safeguards to protect their venerable brands. Read how the wine industry intends fighting back.

Wine and art are like chocolate and strawberries — a perfect combination. Who doesn’t like the cultural expansion of art with the swirl, sniff, and sip of a fine wine.

Under the mild skies of Paso Robles, California, Sculpterra Winery and Vineyard creates a scintillating space where both wine and art can be enjoyed outdoors.

Less than five years old, Sculpterra boasts an award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon, balanced Chardonnay, refreshing Pinot Grigio and intense Petite Sirah. Most recently, two new blends called Statuesque and Maquette, joined the Sculpterra name.

The sculptures have been created by John Jagger and are framed by a path-lined garden where guests can take in the experience.

By Laura Malesich.

The Yomiuri Shimbun chats to Moet & Chandon President Frederic Cumenal about their branding strategy and the growth potential for premium Champagne in the the Japanese market.

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