Do we judge a wine by its label?

Yes, and new research done in Oregon counts the ways.

The results shed light not only on consumers’ snap shopping judgments but also on marketing opportunities for other consumer products, including fragrances, footwear and MP3 players.

“There’s a lot of money to be made in helping consumers make a good choice,” said Keven Malkewitz, an assistant marketing professor at Oregon State University who co-authored the study. “The package helps people make a decision.”

The study, “Holistic Package Design and Consumer Brand Impressions,” appeared this month in the Journal of Marketing, co-written by Ulrich Orth, a marketing professor at the University of Kiel in Germany. It was funded in part by Willamette Valley Vineyards Inc. in Turner.

Past marketing research suggests that packaging is extremely important in selling products because consumers encounter them when they’re highly engaged mentally in making buying decisions. But little independent research had been done on which designs evoke specific, desired responses, Malkewitz said.

To figure that out, Malkewitz and Orth photographed 160 wine bottles, mostly of less-recognized brands. They asked 125 experts — graphic or industrial designers — to analyze the aesthetic attributes of each bottle. Then, they sorted responses into five primary design types: massive (or bold), contrasting, natural, delicate and nondescript.

Read the summary and download the full report.

The popularity of Italian wine tourism continues to grow and now generates some 2.5 billion euros annualy in revenue, according to data released during the wine and food tourism fair Biteg Forum 2008.

There are currently around five million practising wine tourists, also known as ‘wine-nauts’, in Italy and experts believe that the wine tourism movement is operating at only 20% of its potential and could easily double in the near future.

Among the factors helping the movement to expand are Italy’s 140 ‘wine roads’, specialised itineraries through wine-producing regions, as well as annual events like Open Cellars, which draws over a million tourists to vineyards in the spring.

Evidence of wine tourism’s success is the fact that of the three million euros in turnover made by 82 of Italy’s leading wine producers, 7.5% comes from direct sales at the vineyards themselves.

Source: italymag

What works for alternative rock music, might also work for wine. You may remember how Radiohead got the world’s attention when it let listeners download its album In Rainbows, asking them to pay whatever price they thought the music was worth. Sales of the album reached USD 10 million. Since then others have tried the pay-what-you-like marketing technique, including Paste magazine, which Springwise featured last October.

South African BLANKbottle has gone a step further. The boutique winemaker’s founder, Pieter Walser, sent 20 cases of its latest premium white wine Moment of Silence to loyal customers on consignment, asking them to evaluate the wine and then pay him what they thought it was worth. They paid up to ZAR 90 per bottle (USD 11.80 / EUR 7.50), and the average price came to ZAR 50. Since BLANKbottle aims to exceed customers’ quality vs. price expectations, the wine went on sale to the public at a price of ZAR 40.

Walser, for his part, got a high return on the wine he risked in the venture. In addition to the publicity he garnered, he determined a new product’s price point based on the actual purchasing decisions made by the winery’s best customers. Feedback that’s likely to be more valuable than the opinions volunteered by focus groups or market research experts. And by involving them in such a fundamental business decision, he no doubt increased brand loyalty among the winery’s core customer base. One to try out with your own best customers!

BLANKbottle blog.

Source: Springwise.

Wine Tasting Goes Online

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A website challenging consumers to show off their knowledge of wine has been launched by Wine Australia.

Described as “virtual wine tasting”, The Regional Heroes Tasting Challenge has been designed to assist people to learn more about wine.

Visitors to the site can pick a wine and select the appropriate characteristics to describe it. They will then receive a score, and tasting notes.

“The challenge is designed to build awareness of Australia’s wine regions and inform consumers about an Australian sense of place and particular flavour, or style of wine, from a region,” said Lucy Anderson, AWBC’s manager international marketing and communications. “There are 20 wines to choose from, including a Tasmanian sparkling, Margaret River Cabernet and Rutherglen Fortified.”

Click here to visit the site.

Source: Food Week Online

Concerns about costs and the environment mean cartons will replace bottles as the wine packaging of choice within the next 50 years, says a new report.

Using glass will become unrealistic for all except higher quality wines as retailers and suppliers look to cut costs and waste and erase their carbon footprint, says respected UK merchant Berry Bros & Rudd.

Bulk wine shipments are also likely to increase, says Berrys in its Future of Wine report.

By 2058, it predicts, “bulk shipments of wine could arrive, before being put into plastic or reinforced cardboard containers in a bid to reduce environmental emissions and create a domestic bottling industry”.

View the full report.

Source: Off Licence News

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