This pretty much jumps off the screen (and the shelf?). This is from contributor Amber Fries, who said:  “There are several ways this label can be construed, and none of them have much to do with the wine inside.” The wine is barely mentioned. If sex really sells, this may well prove it.

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Wine & Dessert Mini-Bar

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The Gorenje SmarTable: It’s a sleek, albeit fairly plain, dining table that turns into an all-inclusive wine and dessert mini-bar at the press of a button.


I think this is the perfect furniture/gadget for a sleek outdoor gathering on the patio — after dinner is finished and everybody is relaxed but too lazy to get up you can have a cool glass of wine ready with just the flick of a finger. And clean-up, at least for that moment, is as easy as pressing a button and closing it all up again!

I want one.


By Rigel Celeste.

Right on time for holiday giving, Playboy has come out with a line of wines. The wines are available by bottle or by a yearly subscription for $1,567 and include a limited run of up to 550 bottles per series; vineyards include Gargiulo Money Road Cabernet Sauvignon, St. Supery’s famed Dollarhide Cabernet Sauvignon, Schug Estate Heritage Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, RODA Cirsiron and Tenuta Sette Ponti Oreno. And of course, since it’s Playboy, each wine is labeled with a vintage Playboy cover which represents the flavor and taste profile of each wine.

The wines are available online but will also be sold at wine retailers in the United States. The wines will retail individually at $90 to $380 a bottle. Check out the first offerings in the gallery below.

By Deidre Woollard.






"Making French Wine Fun" is the underlying philosophy of Le Beast – the first brand from Clink! Wines Ltd.

‘Le Beast’ is based on the historic legend of La Bête du Gevaudan – a creature believed to be part man/part wolf that killed over 120 women and children in the Languedoc, between 1762 and 1764. Not even King Louis XV’s famous hunter, Denneval, nor his six highly trained bloodhounds, could track the Beast down. The murders stirred up a political and religious controversy and the identity of La Bête du Gevaudan remains a mystery to this day.

“We chose Neffies as the home of ‘Le Beast’ due to its terroir-focused wine styles – which use carbonic maceration as a point of difference in its reds - as well as its history and relevance to the life of La Bête du Gevaudan,” says Catherine Monahan, Managing Director of Clink! Wines Ltd.

A shadow of ‘Le Beast’ can be seen in the right-hand-side window and a classic neck tag hangs around the neck, explaining the legend of La Bête.

Tetra Prism Rose Front

To further extend its range of environmentally friendly wine packaging, leading South African wine producer, Arniston Bay, is launching a one litre fully recyclable tetra pak.

A lightweight alternative to glass bottles, the Arniston Bay tetra pak has a lower carbon footprint than wine in glass bottles with up to a third more cartons transported in one shipping. In addition, the pak is 100% recyclable making this an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Brand and Business Development Manager for the company of wine people™, Barney Davis, says: “The tetra pak is an important addition to the Arniston Bay portfolio. A year on from the launch of our carbon friendly pouch we are aware that the wine consumer is on the look out for more innovative forms of packaging that tick all the boxes in terms of convenience, ease of use and environmental benefits. Our tetra pak is not only a convenient addition to our wine range it is also recyclable and is lighter to transport around the globe, helping us, as an international wine company, to lower our overall carbon footprint.”

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