Champagne By The Glass

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perlage How do you preserve an open bottle of sparkling wine? The silver spoon trick? A champagne stopper? A little foil hat? I’ve tried all of those and more with varying results so I’m intrigued by the Perlage system which promises to preserve open bottles of sparkling wine for weeks "with no loss of quality, taste or effervescence."

It works by returning the headspace of the opened bottle to exactly the same composition and pressure of gasses that existed before the bottle was opened by first taking out the oxygen and then repressurizing with carbon dioxide. A bottle is place in the Perlage enclosure, air is taken out and it is resealed and pressurized with carbon dioxide. When you need another glass you can pour from the bottle while it is still inside the safety shell.

The Perlage System comes in two versions a commercial one designed for restaurants and bars that can be connected to their existing CO2 systems or one for home use with disposable CO2 cartridges. It sells for $295 for the home version and is in use in over 1,000 restaurants worldwide so far.

By Deidre Woollard.

Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection

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Dogs 1-22vicktorycollectionw-wax400px1 I’ve mentioned the Dog Lover’s Wine Club that features pooch-centered wine labels and donates to dog-helping causes before. Now they’ve become involved with the rescue efforts to rehabilitate the dogs involved in the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal.

The Carivintas Winery Vicktory Dog Wine Collection spans 22 bottles and each label features a work of art portraying one of 22 dogs rescued from NFL player Vick’s kennels. The "Vicktory" dogs now live at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah and ten percent of sales goes to the animal sanctuary.

The portraits of the dogs were painted by artist Cyrus Mejia, one of Best Friends founders. The bottles contain red wine, currently a 2006 Tempranillo, Santa Barbara County but that may change as the series goes on. Individual wines are $40 and the entire 22 label series is $672.

By Deidre Woollard.

Studio Spotlight : Dizen

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Dizen in a design firm in Argentina that specializes in packaging for wine and spirits. Their restrained, elegant approach is apparent in most of their designs. Although their work isn’t edgy, it’s well done and very appropriate for the wine industry.

By Yael Miller.

B Frank Wine

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Frank 1

Frank 2

Great promotional packaging for FRANK, designed by Talia Cohen.

By Andrew Gibbs.


A propos the Best of the Show – Diamond Pentawards 2008

PIPER HEIDSIECK Rosé Sauvage by VIKTOR & ROLF - Upside Down…

A bottle that rests on the neck, the neck and front labels and cap foil reversed!

“How do you do something new with something timeless? We had only one answer: reverse the proportions” This is how the two Dutch fashion designers Viktor & Rolf express it.

And it is exactly this simple but oh-so-creative idea that won over the international jury of the Pentawards, the first worldwide competition devoted uniquely to packaging design. For in fact, if there is indeed a domain in which tradition reigns, it is that of champagne.

So the designers kept all the traditional graphic features of champagne (bottle, cork, ice bucket, glass, and labels) but thought that if champagne could turn one’s head, it was only necessary to reverse all these visual elements to amplify this impression, and especially to differentiate the Piper Heidsieck brand from its competitors by recreating the packaging of the champagne.



The idea of working with such an exciting signature as Viktor & Rolf is born from a strategic and creative design management partnership between Piper Heidsieck and BETC Design. It is this creativity in support of packaging, also expressed throughout the communication (the site will also spin your head around) that won over the Pentawards jury. The bottles of Pieper Heidsieck Rosé Sauvage signed by Viktor & Rolf were launched on the market at the end of October 2007 in several duty free shops and in exclusive bars and wine bars. This is therefore a limited-time edition.
The glass bottles are covered by a sleeve produced by Sleever International, a leading global company in this very innovative area of packaging design.

View all Pentawards 2008 winners.

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