Puelles Bodegas Wines

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Puelles Bodegas Wines

Puelles is a traditional family run winery located in the Rioja region of Spain with a strong winemaking tradition. The Puelles family estate produces wines with the utmost care and attention combining tradition with innovation.


"The mix of tradition and innovation was not reflected in the brand and its packaging had become dated and did not reflect the real spirit of the Puelles wines today. The aim of the project was to create a modern brand and increase the awareness and perceived quality of the Puelles wines, both on a national as well as an international level."


The use of a the interpretation of a key element of the Puelles heritage; a 17th century stone wheel from the original mill of the winery helps to represent the new spirit of the brand; creating a more contemporary language which also serves to unify the different wines and vintages.

Within the Puelles range we have also designed the wine labels for the organic brand and the Zenus (author wines), which are exported to the United States.

Zenus is an “author’s wine” produced in small quantities and especially designed by the winery’s specialist and owner, Jesus Puelles. His signature has a main prominence within the label in order to highlight the unique personality of this exclusive wine.

For the organic wine The Brand Union combined the usage of a green pallet with the idea of a limited area of land in order to represent representation of the essence of this eco-friendly product.

The refreshment of the wine labels and packaging was conceived in order to create a profound impact on the Puelles winery brand image.

The creative result combined a strategic approach with a renewed aesthetic sensitivity. We have achieved an ownable and recognizable brand language that covers not only the label as well as the crates and rest of the packaging. The colour palette also contributes to communicate elegance and tradition through a rich range of colours related to the spirit of the different grapes and wines.

A key issue of the project was to include in the new design some element of the estate, but with an artistic angle. So the challenge was to find something typical from the Puelles estate which at the same time could inspire an artistic approach, communicating the Puelles winemaking heritage in a simple and direct way.

With this new identity the Puelles wineries will be able to better face the future challenges of the marketplace.

Source :: www.popsop.com

The Pulp Series

Check out the unusual Wine by Some Young Punks website.


The UK’s second largest Spanish wine brand, Berberana, has been redesigned by leading international brand consultants Wren & Rowe.  In excess of 20 million bottles of Berberana are sold worldwide each year and in the UK, it is soon to join the top 20 still wine brands.

The brand is currently experiencing 30% growth per annum.  Wren & Rowe has redesigned Berberana to create a stronger and clearer brand image, reinforcing its heritage within the grand houses of Spanish wines.

Brand owners United Wineries commissioned the design in order to create a clearer brand message to the consumer in terms of brand heritage and quality.  Andres Pérez de Herrasti, Sales Director at United Wineries has stated that, “Wren & Rowe have given the Berberana brand real shelf stand out. The new brand identity has been well received by consumers and the trade.”

The redesign elevates the perception of the wine and Wren & Rowe’s new design now better reflects the true quality and consistency of the wine and innovative nature of the brand.  Wren & Rowe’s new design has reintroduced, more clearly, the previously understated equity of the Berberana dragon.  The new design combines classic and modern styles, appropriate for the premium wines that Berberana has produced since 1877.

Berberana, a brand worth £23 million in UK sales, has won 85 international awards across the range since 2004. This year alone, Berberana has picked up gold medals in the Decanter Awards and Wine & Spirit Awards, as well as six silver medals.  The trade reaction to the new brand has been very positive, and the UK relaunch is imminent.

Source :: www.popsop.com

Maestro, The New Champagne Closure

We first heard about it in April but now we can take a look at the new system for opening Champagne. The Maestro opening system, developed by Alcan Packaging Capsules, looks similar to a regular champagne top but there is one big difference, a large lever on the side. Champagne house Duval-Leroy is the first to use the new closure, putting it on their cuvee Clos des Bouveries Vintage 2004. To open the bottle you simply lift up the lever. The closure does make a soft popping noise and is, if less elegant, certainly faster. The process is more like opening a can of soda than opening a wine bottle.

The new closure has similar benefits to the screwcap on still wine, the main selling point being that it eliminates cork taint. Prevention of the dreaded TCA has made the screwcap a favorite of wine producers and the public has caught on to the fact that a screwtop doesn’t mean that the wine is cheap or of poor quality. I haven’t seen it in person yet but there is something appealing about the lever that I believe lends itself to graceful pouring. I think this closure may catch on.

View the promotional video.

By Deidre Woollard | Source :: www.luxist.com

It is nothing out of the ordinary to see exclusive whisky’s presented in a cardboard tube as sales promotion, whereas the whisky still is and will be bottled in a glass bottle. Although also the first impression with this new packaging for the premium quality Cabernet wine of Four Wines, that impression, however, is wrong. The tube indeed is the second packaging, whereas the wine is stored in a plastic bag with spigot. In other words a luxurious bag-in-box or bag-in-tube packaging.

Four Wines offers his premium Cabernet, made from 92% Cabernet Sauvignon and 8% Petite Sirah by the renowned winemaker Barry Gnekow, in a stylish cylindrical box or tube, as upscale alternative to the common rectangular bag-in-box packaging or the traditional glass-with-cork bottles.

Skipping the relatively expensive traditional glass-and-cork packaging, enabled Four to create a much higher quality wine for its eco-friendly packaging and still being price-competitive. As a consequence, Four Wines is the first up-scale Cabernet Sauvignon produced in a non-traditional packaging. According to the company this wine is comparable with Cabernets double the price and is far superior to the quality of the wines usually packed in bag-in-boxes or similar packages.

The unique 3 ltr wine tube, in which the wine stays fresh up to four weeks after opening, is not just an outstanding wine in a beautiful packaging. The attractive, innovative packaging has a 50% lower CO2-emission compared to traditional glass bottles. According to the company, a standard glass wine bottle of 750 ml generates approximately 5,2 kg CO2-emission when transported from California to a shop in New York. The Four 3 ltr tube generates approximately half the emission per 750 ml. Moreover the wine tube gives 85% less waste and is made from 100% recyclable material, while the labels are printed with a printer powered by wind energy.

Source :: Best in Packaging

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