Sour Grapes for Gallo

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Sour Grapes for Gallo

Unless you’re a wine connoisseur, differentiating between a Pinot Noir and Bordeaux is difficult. At least that’s what various French wine producers and traders decided after supplying E. & J. Gallo, an American winery, with falsely labeled wines.

Over the past three years, E. & J. Gallo winery has been purchasing French wine and supplying it to Americans under false pretenses. While in similar situations a recall would be justified and swiftly enacted, this particular circumstance is different. According to The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, “[it] does not have recall authority.” Since the wine has not posed a health or safety issue, which is the usual recall reasoning, it just becomes an unfortunate incident.[more]

Unlike the staunch regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration for other food and beverage products, there doesn’t seem to be comparable laws for the booming wine import industry. For instance, if American meat distributors were supplying poor-quality imported meats, the foreign meat trade would cease, and animals would be put through state-of-the-art tests or even killed.

These French wine producers and traders will pay tremendous fines for their actions. Still, however, a major and dangerous loophole has been uncorked in this recent grape debacle. It has yet to be seen what kind of actions will be taken, but some level of American embargos on French wine could very well be justified.

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El Puno Wines

A brand new wine from Spain named EL PUÑO. Inspired in the 1930s street graphics of political protest. (The winery was founded in the middle 30’s during Franco’s rule, and their walls were hand painted with this kind of graphics).

Designed by Boldrini & Ficcardi | Illustration: Eugenia Barocci

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Full Circle Wines

The key to wine may lie in the soil, but it’s the container that carries a heavy carbon footprint. That’s why Yealands—a sustainable winemaker from New Zealand—is producing wine in plastic bottles. Shattering the shining, purist image of glass, the recyclable PET plastic used in Yealands’ newly launched Full Circle range generates 54% less greenhouse gas emissions and uses 19% less energy. The plastic bottles boast a weight saving of 89% over glass, earning them kudos as carbon-saving cargo.

The first full circle wine is a 2009 Sauvignon Blanc. To ensure that the wine quality is unaffected, Full Circle bottles use new DiamondClear technology, which keeps oxygen out of the wine, and feature best-before labels advising customers to drink the wine within 18 months. Yealands’ owner, Peter Yealands, believes that plastic-bottled wine is here to stay: “Tim Atkin, one of the UK’s leading wine critics from the Observer, has declared war on overweight packaging by vowing to boycott wines sold in heavyweight wine bottles,” he says.

Yealands’ efforts at sustainability are far-reaching, from a solar- and wind-powered winery, to replacing lawnmowers with sheep in the vineyards. The company has already earned a CarboNZero certification from New Zealand’s Landcare Research organisation; the Full Circle range will bring Yealands yet more eco-bounty. Not only will it appeal to green-conscious consumers, the smaller size and lighter weight of the plastic bottles also makes them more convenient for picnics, and a new option for pubs and outdoor events where glass is banned.

There are definite echoes of the screw-top vs. cork debate—will plastic bottles be the next vinous trend?

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Chilean Wine Brands Taking a Beating

Similar to how dollar and discount stores are thriving in the ongoing recessionary climate, people are drinking just as much as ever – if not more – only, they’re selecting cheaper varieties.

And these varieties are not limited to domestic sources. Foreigners are actually drinking more Chilean wine than ever, with shipments up nearly 18 percent in 2009, as opposed to California wineries, whose 2009 shipments dropped by 4 million cases, according to consulting firm Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates.

The problem is that people are choosing cheaper vintages, preventing Chile’s wine brands from being able to “break out of the $10- to $20-per-bottle price point,” said Bill Crowley, professor emeritus at Sonoma State University.

A few years back, the Chilean wine industry decided to simultaneously curb supply and fund a global campaign aimed at promoting their wares, all in the name of achieving higher prices.

But the recession destroyed this goal, and currently the industry is in something of a holding pattern. Making matters worse are the vinters who are selling in bulk to compete with countries like Argentina, Australia, and South Africa – all of whom are fighting for a share of the low-end wine trade.

This means that when the recession finally lifts, the quality that Chilean wineries were hoping to embody may be tarnished. Sounds like these guys could use a drink.

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Lisa & Chad Wine Bottles

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Lisa and Chad Wines

This is a series of anniversary wine bottles created as a wedding gift. The theme of the wedding was birds. Using birds as inspiration, the 1st anniversary bottle showcases blue birds to represent the blue sky ahead and the newness of the marriage.

The 5th anniversary bottle uses green birds to symbolize the growth of the marriage. The 10th anniversary bottle uses orange birds to represent the years and seasons that have passed.

Created & designed by Meggan Cook.

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