Two bottles, two vintages. A Vintage 1996 and a Oenothèque 1996, both contained in one handsome case.

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Brussels based Stoëmp Studio designed the brand identity, custom typography and packaging for Before.

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Marisco Vineyards have had a long-standing relationship with international fashion designer Trelise Cooper, sponsoring many of her fashion shows etc. As a result of that friendship and business partnership an opportunity came up to involve Trelise in the design for a limited release wine. I was engaged to create the design and artwork for the brand, being briefed by Trelise, who offered her ideas and inspirations. With her strong affinity for all things French and antique, the brand needed to represent Trelise in its style and elegance.

Using the concept of ‘Harmony’ as a base, in terms of the harmonious combination of wine varieties (Viognier, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Gewürztraminer and Riesling), and the harmonious relationship between the two company brands, its French synonym ‘Entente’ was chosen – symbolising the coming together – or accord between the two parties. Growing on the concept of ‘harmony’ I found some antique sheet music which became the basis for the label design, elements of which were totally reworked in pen and ink – creating a beautifully elegant, timeless and delicate design.”

Design by Christopher David Thompson & Trelise Cooper.

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Mr Mundy

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“Not too far from Tooborac village (across the gully and beyond the ridge), a Mr Mundy had a plan: a quest for gold to feed his clan. But one fateful day there was a terrible brawl, that challenged the propriety of his sparkling haul. For Mr Mundy there was no doubt, that golden bounty was his to tout. So amongst the scuffle and vicious dissent, he unloaded a weapon that made clear his intent. He put it to use and maimed his foe, then plunged it in the cork of a delicious merlot. Vibrant fruit, chocolate, spice, and a wonderful hue, it enveloped his palate as he savoured his coup.”

Design by Swear Words | Source :: Lovely Package

3 Tales Wine Packaging

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“Wine brand created for Marisco Vineyards – in partnership with DeBortoli Wines of Australia. Two winemakers who went through Roseworthy College oenological studies together later become hugely respected winemakers in their own respective rights, and got together to create a wine brand for the Australian market – utilising New Zealand’s premium Sauvignon Blanc.

First things first was to come up with a name to represent the partnership and the brand – 3 Tales was the solution – meaning the 3 stories involved; Brent Marris (NZ Winemaker) + Darren DeBortoli (Aust Winemaker) + the wine itself = 3 Tales.

The brand was designed to be aimed at a design-savvy – ‘young-ish’, mostly female crowd, it’s a party wine that you would be happy taking to a dinner with friends.

The design utilises a strong graphic pattern that is reminiscent of geometric vineyard plantings but also has a psychological ‘pull-factor’ created by the patterning… it uses an optical illusion to capture attention! The graphic pattern creates ‘dots’ in the negative spaces between the ‘squares’ when you look at it, the bright metallic ink contrasts strongly with the dense black of the hand drawn logo, so the overall result is one quite unusual for a wine brand – but very effective!”

Design by Christopher David Thompson | Source :: Lovely Package

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