Hedera Wines

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Hedera is one of our newest and most exciting designs for Domain Marash. It is a brand new winery in Bulgaria full with enthusiasm and exciting perspectives. We all have been inspired by the fresh and young spirit of the whole project. Our main goal was to create a unique label, based on attractive even crazy idea. We decided to use the QR code as a main image of modern vision and then blend it with classic artistic calligraphy for the Hedera brand.

All these incorporated in nearly classic label form, delicately touched by our contemporary approach. As part of our design tradition, we wanted to improve the label effect so we put some transparent puff-up varnish on the QR code and on the Hedera calligraphy. We used the same QR code pattern on bottle capsule and it really turned out the whole vision into something very attractive and elegant at the same time.

Design by Jordan Jelev | Source :: Packaging of the World





“New wine packaging design by FeedbackMP Barcelona for Celistia wine from Costers del Sió winery located in Lleida, Spain (Appellation of Origin: Costers del Segre).

Inspired by the subtle and delicate clarity of the stars that can only be viewed after a short while in the dark, Celestia presents with a curious name and original design that helps to highlight the bottle on the shelf of wine shops and make it memorable and remarkable in restaurants, natural habitats of these wines.

The label design is even more surprising when night falls and the label dark due to the use of luminescent ink.”

Source :: Lovely Package





“We strengthened the Promenade concept with a selection of charming and positive french cliches. Keywords: A walk through France. Souvenir de Paris. Romance, elegance and charm. Most of the text, including the brand name, is handwritten to strengthen the romantic and authentic expression.”

Designed by Designers Journey | Source :: Lovely Package




Design by Muncho | Source :: Lovely Package

Foranell Wine Label

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Foranell, an organic wine with a very limited production, is conceived by the experience, effort and perseverance of Quim Batlle’s cellar. The design recreates a gateway to another world through a disturbing and hypnotic image, inviting you to discover each of the different hidden sensations of this wine.

Design by Dorian | Source :: Lovely Package

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