A summer survey, conducted by the Luxury Institute, asked 1,771 wealthy Americans with an average income of $351,000 and average net worth of $4.3 million to rate wine and liquor brands based on quality, uniqueness and exclusivity. Check out the CNBC slideshow to see which brands came out on top. The institute offers a variety of articles on luxury-related topics. Here is a list of its 2008 articles, but you can read back to 2005.

By Lisa Palladino.


One Response to “Best Premium Liquor Brands”

  1. Jeff on September 2nd, 2008 18:13

    Either 1)wealthy Americans have relatively boring and unimaginative taste or 2) this was a great way to advertise 10 bottles of liquor I can easily purchase at the local liquor store. There is nothing exclusive about that list. Am I wrong?

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