gadv1lhm This idea either sounds like torture or like a good way to avoid a DUI…unless of course you can’t steer the handlebars after a day’s worth of tasting…is that called a RUI?? Getaway Adventures offers a fantastic, car-less way to explore the valleys of Napa or Sonoma via a bicycle (or kayak if you prefer a more refreshing option).

Whether you are looking for just a day-trip, corporate/group event or weekend excursion I doubt you will be disappointed. A spread of local foods is provided for lunch, stops at a myriad of local wineries is included, and local tour guides will expand your knowledge of flora, fauna, and vineyard as you ride.

Don’t expect a strenuous adventure — it is geared toward the ‘enthusiastic beginner’ as they put it so don’t worry if you aren’t Lance Armstrong.

Vacation…wine tasting…exercise all in one? Perfect.

Tours are available from March 1st to November 30th.

By Laura Malesich.


One Response to “Bicycle Wine Tours”

  1. cab lover on September 2nd, 2008 1:25

    Our first trip to wine country was a biking tour from Wine Country Bikes in Healdsburg. It was a blast and very first class service all the way around. I highly recommend a biking trip.


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