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April 17, 2007

Marketing Sebastiani Wines

Posted in: Marketing


With brand names like Kono Baru, Smoking Loon, Used Automobile Parts, Plungerhead and The White Knight, award winning family owned Don Sebastiani & Sons uses innovative online marketing strategies to promote their wines. For example, in August 2006 they became the first American winery to use Podcasting to communicate with their customers.

Podcasts for each wine are available for download from their website as well as several “films” including “The First Pour”, “Behind the Wine” and Crush “Trailer”.

And doing the right marketing things the right way pays handsome dividends. In 2006 they achieved a 30% increase in sales over 2005, shipping more than 1.75 million cases. And their Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon is the number one selling Cab in the US.

For a front-row seat to the happenings in their winery go to www.donandsons.com/films/

The Sebastiani Wines website is an excellent example how wine marketers can build and manage strong brands online.

Thanks to Peter May www.pinotage.org for sharing his find with us!

By Mike Carter.

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