Beautiful new work from San Francisco based Hatch:

JAQK Cellars is a new wine brand. One born of a long-time passion for great wine and a strong determination to inject a little fun into all aspects of life. Inspired by the Jack, Ace, Queen, and King in the deck of cards, JAQK Cellars is the playful family name for eight distinctive limited production wines, encompassing three from the Napa Valley, one from the Sonoma Coast, and four with a California appellation.

The names of these wines tap in to the allure and sophistication of the world of gaming—High Roller, Soldiers of Fortune (the Jacks), Black Clover (clubs), Pearl Handle (the derringers that tamed the gambling saloons), 22 Black (roulette), Bone Dance (craps), Her Majesty, (the Queens) and Charmed (the luckier the better). They do so in a way that brings about a smile even before the first sip is enjoyed.

Not only did Joel Templin and Katie Jain’s design firm, Hatch, create the branding, but Joel and Katie are also co-founders of JAQK Cellars:

Joel and Katie have been friends and graphic design colleagues for over six years, amassing an impressive trophy case full of awards both individually and as a team. In the Spring of 2007, they founded a new firm, Hatch Design. In the short time since then, they’ve continued to attract great clients and gain more critical acclaim for their design and branding work.

But this new entity, Hatch, was born to enable them to do more than help clients build brands; it was designed to allow them to create and grow their own brands, as well. JAQK Cellars is the first idea to crack out of the egg. And it couldn’t be a more beloved first hatchling. Katie and Joel have long shared a true appreciation and passion for fine wine. They have worked on a many wine brands over the years. Their favorite, MacLean Wines, introduced them to the well-respected winemaker and soon-to-be good friend and co-Founder of JAQK, Craig MacLean.





By Andrew Gibbs.


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