Tetra Prism Rose Front

To further extend its range of environmentally friendly wine packaging, leading South African wine producer, Arniston Bay, is launching a one litre fully recyclable tetra pak.

A lightweight alternative to glass bottles, the Arniston Bay tetra pak has a lower carbon footprint than wine in glass bottles with up to a third more cartons transported in one shipping. In addition, the pak is 100% recyclable making this an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Brand and Business Development Manager for the company of wine people™, Barney Davis, says: “The tetra pak is an important addition to the Arniston Bay portfolio. A year on from the launch of our carbon friendly pouch we are aware that the wine consumer is on the look out for more innovative forms of packaging that tick all the boxes in terms of convenience, ease of use and environmental benefits. Our tetra pak is not only a convenient addition to our wine range it is also recyclable and is lighter to transport around the globe, helping us, as an international wine company, to lower our overall carbon footprint.”


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