Hand made Wine Label Jordan Jelev from Bulgaria has been designing wine labels for more than ten years.

“In most of my wine labels you can see hand made calligraphy (digital or analogue) which is something like a personal style or signature – in the XXI century most of the designers use digital fonts, only a few do custom lettering…”

“First I do a simple sketch of the type - just to see how it goes as a composition, swashes etc., then I put it in front of my eyes and start reproducing the style but this time with black ink, penholder and proper nibs. After repeating this form 200 to 500 times, I finally get the hand lettered original. Wait 10minutes to dry…, then it is scanned and in some cases transferred to vector graphic or sometimes it is kept natural as it is - depends on what I want to do in my project”.

“Some of my wine labels are entirely hand made - I draw them with ink on a blank sheet of paper, then when ready I scan it for small digital processing, but preserving carefully the hand made style, then I make the printing plates - from hard polymer, using etching - then cover them with ink and start printing labels”.

We look forward to seeing more wine labels from Jordan in the future!


One Response to “Designer Showcase – Jordan Jelev”

  1. Bella DaBall on November 12th, 2008 0:51

    Wow, that is some SERIOUSLY beautiful calligraphy! We did calligraphy on our wine labels, too. My penmanship is not nearly that nice, but the good folks at bottleyourbrand.com were able to turn it into a nice wine label for me. If you need a label printer who can do high quality custom work, you should check them out.

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