Is this the most exclusive wine club in the world?

If you’re drinking a Buttafuoco*, Dzhani*, or Ehrenfelser* chances are you may be a member of the Wine Century Club. It’s a simple idea, but it’s not as easy to become a member as you may think. To join the club, which celebrated its 2nd birthday on March 18th, you must have tasted and be able to list at least 100 different grape varieties that you have tried.

It began with 33 and now has 109 members form all over the world, including Finland, Georgia (USA and former USSR), Germany, Spain and Brazil.

Of the thousands of applications downloaded, less than 3% are completed. If you feel up to the challenge, download an application:

By the way, though the application works on the honor system, the fine print notes: “Should you lie, may the wrath of Bacchus curse your palate.”

*Dzhani and Ehrenfelser are both wine grape varieties. Buttafuoco is an Italian blend of 25-65% Barbera, 25-65% Croatina, and up to 45% Uva rara and/or Ughetta and/or Pinot Nero.

By Mike Carter.


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