On my recent trip to Australia one day my wife went out to get some wine for dinner, and she came back with a bottle of Polin & Polin Shiraz that was recommended by the clerk at the liquor store. Of course, I immediately looked closely at the label (as I always do with any product) and I noticed that they were using individually numbered wine labels.

So I decided to do a little investigating. I contacted Matthew Polin, one of the founders of the Polin & Polin Wines. They are a small family owned winery in a wine growing district northwest of Sydney. When I asked Matthew why he decided on going with individually numbered bottles he sited several reasons:

1. They wanted to emphasize that they are a low production, single vineyard winery.
2. Promotions to the members of the winery - they get a bottle corresponding to their member number.
3. To keep track of the bottles.

Now, numbering wine bottles is not a completely new idea, but there are still so few wineries doing it. An informal survey of my local liquor store revealed no wines with numbered labels. Today with the advanced digital label printing technology available this is very easy to do and not that much more expensive than regular labels. And it is a way to have your label stand out from the crowd. For a small winery like Polin & Polin I think it is a great idea, because it does give an exclusive and boutique feel to the wine.

By the way the Shiraz was truly outstanding, but unfortunately it is not available yet in this country. If you go down under, make sure you pick yourself up a bottle.

Thanks to Peter Renton for sharing his find with us! www.lightninglabels.com

By Peter Renton.


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