The Lifford Wine Agency in conjunction with a substantial Californian Winery has started production of a new ‘green’ wine brand for the Canadian marketplace.

They called it Plantatree. This sustainable and ethical brand launched an insightful program: for every bottle sold, Tree Canada will plant a tree on Canadian soil. The goal was to plant over 100,000 trees in the first year.

The designers from Canadian agency Brandever Strategy were committed to create the identity and the packaging design for Plantatree. They comment on the project:

“Our mission was to create a bold, innovative identity for this groundbreaking wine product. To be consistent with this environmental initiative, the wine had to be packaged in environmentally friendly PET bottles. The labels also needed to be printed on tree-free paper stock, with environmentally friendly inks.”

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One Response to “Plantatree : A Green & Ethical Wine Brand”

  1. Rob H on February 18th, 2009 1:58

    This is a wonderful effort that certainly means well but how’s the wine?

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