The limited release MadFish Sparkling label was designed to work in sympathy with already famous Australian MadFish wine brand.

Design by Public Creative.


One Response to “MadFish Sparkling Wine”

  1. Philip WHITE on March 13th, 2009 3:59

    Public Creative may lay claim to the design, bit the name was mine. About twenty years ago I was driving south-west of Denmark, WA, with Johnny Wade, who was then the owner of Howard Park. We passed a fingerboard pointing to Madfish Bay, whereupon I said “#%*&@[email protected]! What a great name for an export brand!” He was nonplussed, suggesting it was over the top. But sure enough, the brand soon appeared. The story I got then from the locals was that the aboriginal theory was that Madfish Bay was such a fizzy, violent stretch of water that fish would be mad to go there. Why on Earth somebody put a friggin turtle on the label has always confounded me. The graphic possibilites of a mad fish far outweighs the turtle, which is not even a fish. I was never thanked or paid for the idea, although once when I presented at the cellar counter at Margaret River, and overheard the sales human telling a totally incorrect version of the story to some Americans, I waited til they’d gone and related the facts. She gave me a free Madfish baseball cap for my trouble.

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