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June 25, 2007

Pentawards Worldwide Packaging Design Competition

Posted in: Design

According to founders Jean J. Evrard and Brigitte Evrard, Pentawards is the first and only worldwide competition exclusively devoted to packaging design in all its forms. It is open to everybody in all countries who are associated with the creation and marketing of packaging. The winners will receive bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond Pentawards according to the creative quality of their work.

Creations from the world over will be jugged by a jury, itself international, who will select the winners in accordance with the creative quality of the work submitted.

Pentawards is beginning its first year of existence with packaging created or produced in 2006, but intends to do all that is necessary to achieve rapid success and ensure a bright future.

Apart from prize-giving, Pentawards’ mission is the promotion of packaging design with companies, the press, the economic and political authorities and the public in general, throughout the world.

By participating in Pentawards, you will have the opportunity of comparing your creations with others from all over the world, and you will have the possibility of winning a prestigious award which will allow you to demonstrate your creativity and expertise.

Furthermore, you will be helping to enhance the reputation of your profession.

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