Can Christian Audigier Make French Wine Cool

There are some rather flashy wines out there but perhaps none showier than the ones from Christian Audigier, he of the Ed Hardy brand and his own fashion label. Audigier is a brand obsessive. This is a man with his logo tattooed across his back. And the Audigier and Ed Hardy style is instantly recognizable and provokes an immediate reaction even if that reaction is less than positive. But what’s surprising is that, at least according to the LA Times’s Dan Neil, Audigier’s wines aren’t half bad.

The wine is bottled in France by the Castel Group and imported by Nicolas Wines in Connecticut and there are two price points: the Ed Hardy label goes for $10, and the Christian Audigier label is $20. And if your first reaction is "I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking that" that’s just fine. This wine isn’t for those accustomed to perusing the aisles with a copy of Wine Spectator in their hands, it’s designed to attract new drinkers and to show that wine can be playful.

These days the French wine industry could use a little help and if there’s anything that Christian Audigier seems to know about it’s mass appeal. His website for the wines has the url and bears the tagline "it’s not just a wine, it’s a lifestyle." The wine also has its own MySpace page. The wine doesn’t tout its French origin (the wine website makes no mention of it) but at least it is getting French wine into new hands.

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