Trendy Wine Bar, Newark Airport

Vino Volo has a very different feel than the regular badly-pretending-to-be-a-city-bar type venue that you find in many US airports. It’s bright and open, uses contemporary furniture and simple interior design tricks to pull off a modern look. Oh, and everyone is sat around drinking wine - not supersized pints of beer.

What’s more interesting than the look is the menu. When it gets handed to you as you sit down, you expect to be handed a arms length list of plonk from around the world but instead you get given twelve select choices and all from places you know - Merlot from California, Pinot from Chile etc.

Vino Chart

The website reports that Vino Volo is now in 9 US locations and also explains its wine comparison matrix:

Our wine flavor comparison tool Vino Chart allows you, the wine lover, to easily understand wines based on their flavor profiles, and it doesn’t require you to spend years of academic wine studies to do it. Whether you’re a wine novice or wine pro, you can use the Vino Chart to think about differences between wines and decide which you prefer, and when.

Vino Chart looks at wines based on how much FRUIT and non-fruit flavors or COMPLEXITY each wine has. That’s it. Wines with richer, brighter, and more varied fruit flavors are higher up on the chart map, and wines with deeper and more-layered complexity are further to the right side of the chart. This wine chart works with both red and white wines.

You can even use the matrix to help you select which wines to buy online!

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