The UK’s second largest Spanish wine brand, Berberana, has been redesigned by leading international brand consultants Wren & Rowe.  In excess of 20 million bottles of Berberana are sold worldwide each year and in the UK, it is soon to join the top 20 still wine brands.

The brand is currently experiencing 30% growth per annum.  Wren & Rowe has redesigned Berberana to create a stronger and clearer brand image, reinforcing its heritage within the grand houses of Spanish wines.

Brand owners United Wineries commissioned the design in order to create a clearer brand message to the consumer in terms of brand heritage and quality.  Andres Pérez de Herrasti, Sales Director at United Wineries has stated that, “Wren & Rowe have given the Berberana brand real shelf stand out. The new brand identity has been well received by consumers and the trade.”

The redesign elevates the perception of the wine and Wren & Rowe’s new design now better reflects the true quality and consistency of the wine and innovative nature of the brand.  Wren & Rowe’s new design has reintroduced, more clearly, the previously understated equity of the Berberana dragon.  The new design combines classic and modern styles, appropriate for the premium wines that Berberana has produced since 1877.

Berberana, a brand worth £23 million in UK sales, has won 85 international awards across the range since 2004. This year alone, Berberana has picked up gold medals in the Decanter Awards and Wine & Spirit Awards, as well as six silver medals.  The trade reaction to the new brand has been very positive, and the UK relaunch is imminent.

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  1. wine direct on May 25th, 2009 9:28

    Would love to see a before an after. The after is a great result, I’m sure Berberana are very happy with it. It conveys class, quality and the Spanish heritage well.

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