All In One Chardonnay


Designed by Jordan Jelev, this new wine label is part of the ALL in ONE wines range. This is also the first white wine - Chardonnay - under this brand name. “I wanted the label to look exactly the same like its ancestor, but to make a few changes that will apply properly to the wine inside. I used the combination of gold background and silver lines - that was really a hard decision because this in most of the cases is a dangerous combination”.

“I also wanted to dominate the gold background because this is barrel aged wine…. Our partners from Dragomir Winery Estate also suggested to change the colour of the bottle glass to more brown smoky one which improved the look of the whole product”.


One Response to “All In One Chardonnay”

  1. wine blog on July 29th, 2009 20:40

    Absolutely brilliant packaging. I’m in retail so I know when I see snappy packaging. Gold is a great color for a wine and especially with Chardonnay. I associate the color with some of the more rich and fuller tasting Chards I’ve experienced. Cheers!

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