The Perfect Portable Wine Carafe

If you’re fanatic about your water, you probably already know about Klean Kanteen.

Klean Kanteen makes safe, 100 percent BPA free, responsibly manufactured, stainless steel (not aluminum, which requires a dubious chemically-created lining) bottles in varied sizes. The lack of an inner coating, besides saving you from alleged health risks, means that from drink to drink, even from hot drink to cold drink, the flavor never gets muddled by residual particles which can seep into the lining of most bottles. And that means you can even use one for wine.

The Wine Karafe bottle looks surprisingly small but can, in fact, hold an entire 750mL of wine — its capacity is actually 800mL. This is perfect for picnics in areas where glass is prohibited or for sneaking into your jacket and using like a flask (you didn’t hear that here). It will also never shatter if you throw it in your bag or suitcase. The slim bottle is 9″ x 2.75″, comes in silver or claret and says “wine” in ten languages on the back. Most importantly, it’s easy to clean completely, so if you have syrah in there one day and pinot grigio the next, it won’t disturb the flavor.

The Klean Kanteen Wine Karafes are created by a family owned and operated company in Chico, California, and each bottle is assembled and welded by hand. They are available from Klean Kanteen from $20.95.

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