Lego - For Liquor

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There are two kinds of wine connoisseurs. The kind that can prattle endlessly on about the fruity bouquet, the soft palate, the robust body and elegant finish. And then there are those of us who just drink it. A lot.

If you’re in the latter category – Wine Wedges might just be your new best friends. Gone are the days of expensive and intricate wine racks – these two pieces of fantastic plastic will keep your favourite drop from dropping - while making sure there’s still room in the fridge for sensible things – like chocolate.

Build your own pyramid of Pinot – a mountain of Merlot – you can safely stack 6 bottles of wine (or 10 beer bottles so you can take your lager to a whole new level). Use just one wedge and stack your stash against the wall. It works equally well with bottles or cans.

If you’re chilling your champagne in the fridge – Wine Wedges work perfectly well on rung-style fridge shelves. In the fridge or beside the fireplace - you can create a piece of alcoholic architecture with these barely visible funky chunks.

Now for those of you who haven’t done your masters in engineering or if you’re just a little shabby from last night’s Shiraz – they’ve kept it simple. Start with 3 bottles laying down, wedge the wedges either side – and start stacking. It’s kinda like Lego – only for liquor.

Thanks to Cru Master Brendon Shaw.


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