Russian Tycoon Sets Champagne Splurge Record

A new record was set for a wine sale in Britain recently when an unnamed customer spent $75,000, including tip, on a bottle of Dom Perignon in a London bar. The buyer’s name hasn’t been released but he’s believed to be a Russian tycoon (Abramovich feeling spendy again, perhaps?) with good taste: the sale was for a methuselah of the prized 1996 Rose Gold vintage.

The large bottle, dipped in rose gold and worth more than the champagne itself, holds 6 liters (1.59 gallons) and is obviously meant to serve a large group. The purchase took place this past Tuesday during an afterparty for the screening of the new movie “Boogie Woogie” at the Westbury Hotel and included a well-earned $15,000 tip — according to witness reports within minutes of delivery 3 glasses of the pricey champagne had been spilled.

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