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Sunsets are like kittens and cherry blossoms — you have to be a real curmudgeon to dislike them, and even when they’re just ordinary, they’re still pretty terrific. This is why a great many destinations tout their spectacular sunsets, to the point where I roll my eyes when I see it listed among an area’s charms.

But I will say that the sun fading to night on the red rocks in Sedona, Arizona is unusually magnificent. So if you need a new reason to get out there and see it, here’s one: there’s a new Verde Valley Wine Trail, linking together wineries in Cottonwood, Jerome and other places in this part of the state.

The trail is an outgrowth of a documentary about the called Blood into Wine — which has been screened in theaters around the United States since February, with many more planned into the spring and summer. It’s been billed as the Sideways of Arizona — just add musicians, model Milla Jovovich, and, judging from the trailer, a smidge of Deadliest Catch-esque edginess, and bottle.

The real question for me is whether the wine is any good — I’ve actually not had any Arizona wine, to my knowledge. But I’d be willing to give it a go the next time I’m in Sedona. Worst case, I’ll always have the sunset as a consolation prize.

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One Response to “Visit Sedona for…Wine?”

  1. Mike Veseth on May 7th, 2010 16:47

    Some of the Arizona wines are excellent. Here is a post I wrote about the wine region near Tucson a couple of years ago.

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