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Why oops? Read the story (after the jump.)

“New York- and London-based design consultancy Pearlfisher has created the label design for new wine brand “(oops).” The name and market positioning of (oops) is derived from a true story based on the history of the Carmenere grape and Pearlfisher was tasked with making the label design as interesting and engaging as the story.

Image Following the migration of the Old World vineyards to the New World in the 1800s the Carmenere grape was taken to and successfully grown in Chile. As Chilean Merlot became successful as a New World wine, it was discovered that he Carmenere grape had become mixed with the Merlot grape. The grapes were finally correctly identified, “the big mistake” rectified and “the lost grape of Bordeaux” rediscovered.

Pearlfisher creative director Lisa Simpson explains, “We wanted to take a more branded approach to wine and break the category mold by giving this new brand a more unique and ownable look to create more impact on shelf. We decided that a newspaper was the best vehicle with which to sell the story and was both inviting and unpretentious. Therefore, the bottle is wrapped in one big label; one whole sheet of newspaper. ‘(oops)’ becomes the headline and the ‘Lost Grape of Bordeaux’ the sub-headline. We also decided to be playful and witty with the name and slanted the second ‘o’ in (oops) to reinforce the notion of mistake.”

The same label is used across all four (oops) varietals (3 Red and 1 White), but each varietal has its own personality with a chatty descriptor, such as “Cheeky Little Red,” used to describe the flavor of the individual wine.”

 By Yael Miller.


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  1. Pauline on September 12th, 2007 1:17

    I am from Canada and was recently in the United States and purchased this Wine (oops) it is a great wine, is it available in Canada yet?


    P.S. I actually bought the wine for the Label it really caught my eye, and what a great suprise the Wine was really really good.

  2. Scott on September 12th, 2007 21:18

    That’s pretty funny. Remember the beer labels that just said “Beer”? I wonder if we’ll see “Wine” wine labels any time soon. Maybe not - the TTB seems to be pretty strict about wine labels…

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