Monocle magazine’s latest issue has a piece on how to improve your country for investors, tourists etc.

Below is an extract from the piece.

“You’ve mastered the basics (a respectable ranking on various transparency indexes, good human rights record, healthy citizens, decent inward investment), but you’re still of a bit of a nowhere nation according to a recent global poll… What to do?

1. Develop an appealing national cuisine
2. Develop a wine, beer, spirits industry
3. Be recognised for being fair and just
4. Re-engineer the heavens (if you don’t have good weather, hire some good photographers)
5. A good brand travels (a well run, safe and iconic airline)
6. Behave yourself! (be polite and well mannered to foreigners)
7. Go easy on religion
8. Master infrastructure
9. Build brands people want
10. Invest in athletics”



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