Two Oceans has unveiled a cleaner, fresher and altogether more elegant packaging worldwide on the back of brand and packaging research.

Says brand representative Carlyn Lyons: “The globalised packaging initiative has standardised the pack look in all our markets.  This gave us the opportunity to make some small adjustments to the design to ensure it continued to project a light, contemporary coastal image, while emphasising the southern coast of Africa as the geographic point where two great oceans meet.”

The new look, complete with self-adhesive, scuff-resistant labels, features a longer, narrower label with cleaner, larger and more modern type, a swish under the trademark logo and a more clearly articulated diamond, framing the coastline where the Indian and Atlantic oceans converge. Textured varnish on the label has been used to echo the movement of the sea. Colour bands create the distinction between varietals, underscored by different colour capsuling.  The back label includes a map, locating the southern coastline of the Cape.

She adds that the new design also better accommodates the distinction between varietal and entry-level tiers.  “It makes it easier for trade when displaying product and also for winelovers when making their choice from the range.”

“In many countries, Two Oceans bottles are closed under screwcap to meet market demand.  However, in our two largest markets, Canada and South Africa, as well as in Ireland, we are still using cork closures in line with consumer preference.”

By DKC Communications.


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