Expensive red wines from France, Italy and Napa are commonplace but one of the latest high-priced wines comes from British Columbia. Mission Hill Family Estate Winery has announced the 2004 release of their Oculus wine, a high-end red modeled after fine Bordeaux wines. The Globe and Mail reports that the wine is listed at $70 but could go higher in the provinces. The wine is priced $10 more than the 2003 vintage and it is expected that the wine will hit $100 in 2010 right around the time that the world’s eyes turn to B.C. for the Vancouver Olympics. Oculus is just the most expensive of reds from wineries in the area.

Mission Hill Family Estate Winery
has an interesting history, the owner Anthony von Mandl, is the man behind Mike’s Hard Lemonade. He used his alcopop cash to invest in the finest equipment for his winery such as $1,000 French-oak barrels, automated grape-sorting tables, stem-removing conveyors and computerized basket presses. Oculus is named for the circular hole at the top of Rome’s Pantheon and is a small amount of Mission Hill’s output - just 3,000 to 3,500 12-bottle cases depending on the year.

Source: www.luxist.com


One Response to “Oculus, British Columbia’s Pricey Red Wine”

  1. Wilf Krutzmann on October 1st, 2007 2:41

    Oculus, a good wine? Yes. Worth $70.00? No! $70.00 buys me a great French, Italian, Spanish or California wine. But charge what the market will bear and you will sell it anyway.

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