Can lighting affect wine taste? One German study found that drinkers who were served a bottle of Riesling in differently lit environments had different taste experiences. Researchers found that subjects rated the wine as better and more expensive tasting when exposed to the red or blue background lighting versus rooms with green or white background lighting. According to an article in the Telegraph, the wine was described as being sweeter and fruitier in red light than in white or green light. When drinking in the red or blue lit room the subjects though the wine was worth as much as one euro more for the same bottle.

Dr Daniel Oberfeld-Twistel, of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz said in the Telegraph article that more tests are needed to determine why the color makes a difference. One theory is that some colors put people in a more positive mood but it may be more complex than that. The study certainly makes a case for mood lighting in wine shops and tasting rooms as well as in bars or restaurants.

By Deidre Woollard | Source :: www.luxist.com


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