Many UK consumers are open to alternatives to glass bottles for wine packaging, says a report from the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

It found 37% of consumers prepared to consider alternatives, with PET and bag-in-a-box having the most consumer support.

While 63% of consumers thought wine should only come in glass bottles, when shown other forms of packaging, five out of six said they would be likely to buy one of the alternatives, or were neutral in their response.

For informal occasions such as parties and picnics, more than four out of five consumers (82%) said they would consider PET, 79% bag-in-a-box, 65% a pouch, and 59% a Tetra Pak carton.

But most (61%) drew the line at a ring-pull can – for any occasion.

Industry moves from heavier to lighter glass are also unlikely to encounter heavy consumer resistance, said the WSTA.

Only 7% thought the weight of the bottle was important when choosing wine, and only 10% considered the colour of the glass.

Three out of five wine drinkers considered glass bottles to be environmentally friendly, while 84% thought they were easy to recycle.

Only 13% thought lighter bottles signified cheaper wine. But only a third believed lighter bottles were better for the environment.

WSTA chief executive Jeremy Beadles said: “Consumers are open to change, especially if they understand the benefits, but they are conscious of how others will judge the quality of their wine purchase.”



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