As if boxed wine and mini-bottles weren't controversial enough now we have wine packaged in individual glasses. Marks & Spencer debuted the individual serving sizes called "Le Froglet" in the UK this summer and has now started offering them in Hong Kong at their M&S food shop in Wanchai. A sign that they're doing well? Perhaps. M&S reports that more than one glass is sold every minute.

Although the glasses are, of course, not really glass. It took 18 months of development to come up with the design, which includes a plastic wine glass, a leak-proof paper top, and even "inert filling technology" to keep the wine from being exposed to oxygen inside the packaging. The single-serve glasses are geared to impromptu picnickers or people who want just one glass with dinner and according to the WSJ they actually taste better than expected, as long as you don't let them sit too long after opening.

Le Froglet comes in three flavors, Shiraz, Rosé, and Chardonnay, for about $5 each.

By Rigel Celeste | Source :: www.luxist.com


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