Sweet Gold

Sweet Gold is a limited edition of a sweet wine created by Bodegas Rubicón (Lanzarote, Spain).

This exquisite wine needed a packaging that could convey the exclusivity of the wine and of its essence; there are only 2000 bottles.
The tasting notes of Sweet Gold drive immediately to the perfumery world: “…aromas of white flowers, honey and caramel, with hints of oak…” this was the source of inspiration to create a bottle that is treated like a perfume. The fact that it was a sweet wine and mainly thought for a female audience was also decisive in the choice of the design.

The exclusivity of the product is shown in every detail of its label. The label hangs from the neck of the bottle with a purple velvet ribbon sewn with gold thread. Its main piece is composed of three layers. The front one shows the name of the wine with an embossed screen print; the second layer, which shows when the first is lifted, is made of onionskin paper and describes how the wine was elaborated and its tasting notes; the third and last one shows the number of the bottle, handwritten, out of a total of 2000 bottles. In the back of this third layer the winery logo can be seen through the glass from the back of the bottle.

As stated on the inside label of Sweet Gold, "A delight for all senses": sight with its harmonious design, touch with the bottle shape and texture of the velvet ribbon, smell with the delicious aromas resembling a perfume, and taste for its exquisite taste. The bottle is 500 cl as “good things come in small packages”.


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