The wine industry is a competitive one, because although you always know which ones you like there are just so many different brands and tastes out there it’s totally fun to experiment and find new favorites on a regular basis. And research has shown that for wine particularly, labels are where the sale is at. Today not only do wine labels have to look good and be eye-catching, but they have to feel good too. Apparently, in the store people are more likely to buy wine that they’ve touched.

So the answer? Some brands are setting themselves apart with labels that encourage a totally visual and/or hands-on wine buying experience. Carneros della Notte labels glow in the dark, Molly Dooker’s Velvet Glove Shiraz has a glove made of actual velvet for a label, and several Brunello di Montalcino wine labels have chips embedded in them “so they can explain themselves in the first person.”

Does this make sense to you? Have you ever bought wine just because of the label?

By Rigel Gregg.


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