Have you ever wondered what is really in the wine you drink? If you’ve done a little research on the subject you know that is more than just grapes (a great round table discussion on Wine Business details the types of bacteria, yeasts and other additives used). Bonny Doon Vineyard is about to make it a little easier to find out what is in your wine with labels that will disclose all wine ingredients beginning with the 2007 vintage white and 2006 vintage red wines.

The ingredients are listed in two sections on the back label of each bottle of Bonny Doon wine. The first section highlights the wine’s basic ingredients such as grapes and sulfur dioxide, a preservative, found in the wine. The second section will point out ingredients used in the production of the wine such as bentonite, (a type of clay used to clarify wine prior to bottling) that no longer remain in the wine.

In a press release the company said that they are doing this both to educate the consumer but also to reduce their own dependence on standard wine additions. It’s all part of the company’s restructuring process which has included an increased focus on biodynamic practice in their own vineyard and encouragement of the same with their contract growers to produce wines that are less technically manipulated.

Source: www.luxist.com


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