Mike Duffy brings to our attention this terrific post from Jason Haas on the Tablas Creek Vineyard blog, summing up lessons learned from two years of winery blogging.

Although I started this blog about two years ago, it’s really only in the past year that I’ve felt I’ve found my voice.  … I’m sure that blogging came more naturally to some other people than it did to me.  I’m not a writer by trade, so I’m learning as I go along.  …Now that the Tablas Creek blog is two years old, I find myself starting to get asked, more and more, how to do it.  There isn’t any one answer.  But, it occurs to me that it might be helpful for others considering a similar undertaking to put down some of my conclusions about what makes a blog work.

Jason goes on to list 7 things to do if you want your blog to work:

  • Have a voice
  • Write in the first person
  • Write about what you’re worried about
  • Answer the questions you get asked all the time
  • Write for other writers
  • Read and comment on other wine blogs
  • Lead with a hook

Mike Duffy also has a great list of wine blogs at the The Winery Website Report.


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