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If you have ever doubted the importance of having an online presence, here’s what John Gillespie, president of the Wine Market Council had to say last week:

  1. The Internet will continue to play a larger role in selling wine. 18% of core drinkers and 9% of marginals bought wine over the Internet, and of those, 64% bought directly from a winery, while 35% bought through online retailers. Although the numbers of those making Internet purchases may still seem small, this is a huge growth trend — in 2003 just 6% of core drinkers purchased over the Internet.

  2. 23% of millennials bought wine via the Internet, compared to 16% of gen-Xers and 21% of boomers.

  3. In addition, about half the millennials went to the Internet to obtain information about wine, indicating that producers should think about making more use of the Internet to communicate with this audience. 65% of the respondents logged onto wineries’ Web sites for information, about 40% went to Wine Spectator’s site, and about 26% used wine blogs for information.

So what’s holding you back?

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