Johan Reyneke is the passion and talent behind Reyneke Wines and his aim is to produce exceptional wines through biodynamic agriculture principles.

Comments Johan…“I believe that one of the greatest benefits of biodynamics is its ability to create a greater sensitivity and awareness of our inability to understand and explain everything. This leads to a respect and tolerance for that which does not seem important to us. Finally it serves as a counter measure for materialism and spiritual poverty that is the hallmark of our modern culture.”

According to Donna Christie (AnthonyLaneChristieSmuts Design) the inspiration behind the packaging was the ‘cycle of life’…it all stems from the Golden Mean the mathematical calculation for a grown pattern in nature. The spiral is therefore an expression of nature, it illustrates the natural movement of flow and growth.

“We wanted the bottle to represent that cycle – the words etched into the glass, wrap around the bottle and read: spark, flame, ember, ash, spring, summer, autumn, winter etc. We wanted to keep the packaging as simple and environmentally friendly as possible. The paper is recycled and we’v e kept the print to a minimum of 2 colours. There is no synthetic capsule in sight…instead a simple recycled paper neck wrap and the cork is sealed with wax & stamped with the signature Reyneke lower case ‘r’”.


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